Nito Pup

As protective as a Great Dane, he's my pot of glue once he starts cuddling...

Do you know the Great Dane? Tall, slim, super quiet but very protective over his handler.

He is alwways in touch with his master, in need of cuddles and keeping an eye on him. This is Nito. He’s cute with his grey eyes looking deep into your soul. We’ve been living together since November 2017 and are now also working together in the business. He’s the only person in my life who is actually allowed to tell me when I’m wrong (haha 😉 ) which is a perk he dares to use from time to time. And guess what… sometimes he’s right.

As he’s uncomfortable with the playful side of puppy play, he will be the quiet one who will observe everything from a corner without missing a single moment. He’s into bondage, wet games, pain, assplay, and much more… As much as he’s often shy, he’s one true pervert!

He’s the most loyal, lovely and respectful pup on earth and even he’s a real nerd. It would’ve never been possible to stay together for this long if there wasn’t a lot of love between us.


” Sir, I just want you to be careful before collaring another pup… ”






” Wouldn’t you be more bored once we’ll live up north? What will be your hobby there? ”







” Sir: Nito could you bark for me?

Nito: Bark Bark…”