A professional playspace

BDSM knowledge comes with experience...

During more than 20 years of playing I’ve gained a lot of experience in fetish and as the owner of ‘Addikt 100% Pure Fetish‘ I know the kink adult market like no other. I always find the right articles for the right use. This is not a very common expertise.

I started to create play spaces in 2011. As I found it an inconvenience to play at home and being obliged to arrange with my boyfriend when to have visitors, I decided to rent a separate space outside of our home so I was free to build my own fantsy playroom and eventually rent it out to others.


Fribourg, Switzerland.







2011 – 2016

Fribourg, Switzerland.





2016 – 2018.


Laeken, Bruxelles






2018 – 2018