Spike Dog

Vibrant and happy to poke the bears

A young and endearing puppy who growls, bites, moans and barks. He’s always ready for a walk and for playing fetch. He loves latex and wet play, bondage and following orders. Spike is a loyal pup, who expects honesty and loyalty from his handler who is also his mentor in helping him grow.

Despite some bad experiences in the fetish scene before, he’s happy to commit himself and to follow orders. I’ll try to support and help him whilst advising him to the best of my knowledge. Even though he’s the most recent addition to my puppy family, he’s already confirmed a huge potential.


” Sir, I think I know a reason why I want to be your pup… ”









” You make me happy, keep me entertained and I feel safe ”












” I’ve never liked chastity but you’ve mentioned it a few times so the idea of you owning my cock makes me very horny ”