My fetish journey started when I was a teenager and since then it has grown to be a big part of my life. I’m kinky, imaginative and naturally dominant! I am also a hard worker which is why I am always developing something or trying to offer something better. I’m actually running a 300 sqm facilities offering a fetish store and a dedicated dungeon offering my own products and designs, BDSM courses, social events and play events.

BORN IN 1976

135 KG Before 2019

194 /6'4 - Shoe: 45/12

100 Kg Since 2019

I was born in Belgium and lived there till my graduation. After my medical education was over, I left Belgium for France than Switzerland and worked there until 2017. Since 2017 I came back to Belgium but really didn’t like it so I moved to UK what is a more friendly country for kinky entrepreneurs. This medical background is, of course, a nice security net but it also comes in useful during medical play and for any safety concerns during BDSM sessions.

In 2011 I opened, in Switzerland,  “The playroom”, a dungeon which was available for private rental and in 2017 I launched my first fetish store. In 2017 I moved to Brussels, opened a new fetish store and moved my play space. I had hoped to be happy in my home country again but it was extremely disappointing and towards the end of 2018 I moved to the UK; first London and then Manchester area.

As with many others, 2020 has required a great deal of flexibility. Due to lockdown restrictions and reduced footfall I have been focusing on the online store and regrettably I had to close the physical stores. In my spare time, I have had the opportunity to set up a new dungeon in Manchester as well as working on a new brand and designing new gear for the fetish market.

As you understand fetish is my whole life: my job, my creativity and my pleasure. I have come to accept that I am naturally dominant and I try not to make it too complex or too serious. Kink is supposed to be fun and that is exactly what I want from it. My vision is that kink is a game, players can do it seriously of course but it starts and ends as a game, and it’s why I opted for Master Play as my name, I’m the master of the game, in French, Le Maitre du jeu…

My approach to BDSM is perhaps a little different, as I like to earn the respect and trust of my subs. I genuinely believe that this is something a Dom has to earn and it doesn’t come from putting on my boots and cap. Before I start a session I always listen to the needs of my sub, their likes, dislikes and most importantly their limits. Taking time to tame a sub is extremely important.

This is particularly true for newer kinksters – it is my duty as a master to help them to develop whilst remaining safe and happy within the scene. In my experience, this also helps subs to develop outside of the playroom.

This mentorship is extremely rewarding; I love nothing more than seeing a sub grow because they feel they are in a safe place or in good hands.

Being a master doesn’t mean being a dick or taking advantage of others. I try to do it with intelligence and sensitivity. Caring about his slaves is the minimum a master should do and when BDSM is done correctly the relation between a sub and his master is extremely rewarding for both of them.

Therefore, it is my mission to show others that we aren’t (all) dangerous or unreasonable people.

In the dungeon I am in my element and let my 25 years of experience (along with some creativity) take the lead to make sure my subs enjoy the journey as much as I do.