Designing a sexy short, a pervy biker suit or some latex garments, I really enjoy expressing my kink and imagination into some nice gear.

I started in 2011 with my first dungeon and store and with the Burnley one being the 7th I am building up for myself plus some I made for others I start to have some experience in love room and playroom organization.

If you’re looking to make one, you’ll be happy to find someone able to advise you from the floor or lightning to the last bit of equipment that will make your play space unique and amazing.

Gear Design

From the pattern to the right fabric. From the color to how it should make your little but looking even more sexy, designing fetish clothes is really an amazing experience.

I’m also working with some artist to produce awesome t-shirts and support our community. If you’re interested by some nice quality fetish gear have a look at

Shop Design

Of course it’s impossible to sell quality clothes without a shop. So after having opened 5 different shops I also start to develop some skills into space partitioning and displaying clothes.

Playspace Design

Burnley playroom is the dungeon number 7 that I set up. That one has been made from scratch with a complete and deep refurbishing, creating hot spaces, it’s really in my DNA now.

Interested to make your own love room or dungeon? Use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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