I will remove your sense one by one, immobilize each part of your body and make you feel totally helpless. That sounds promising right?

So why is bondage so erotic? Feeling that you lost control, that you’re totally under the control of someone else is an amazing feeling. It’s a mix of horniness, fear and excitement.

I can use simple ropes or chains, leather or latex gears o immobilize you. A lot of accessories can be added, a lot of simulations can happen. 

Sensory deprivation is another sort of bondage that takes place of a longer time, till the sub loose the track of time and drown himself in his own fantasy.

Endurance bondage or stress position are a good way to extend the limits of a sub and develop his muscles abilities. it consist in restraining the sub in a position that will creates some muscles stress.

The goal of this is creating pleasure, so even if I add pain, it will be at a level that for you still create pleasure. Same as I use your brain as a trigger. I’ll stimulate your helpless feeling, making you horny till you beg for cumming.


I love the master/sub relationship and of course discipline is a big part of it. Setting up clear rules and expected behaviour is helping the sub to understand what the dominant is expecting him to do and how he’s expected to act.

Discipline will be used to train the sub. To help him to fit into his role and mindset.
Discipline is not be confused with violence, aggressivity or abuse. A lot of masters are visible out there showing physical superiority and trying to overpower their subs.

I’m more into the psychological aspect of the discipline.
Of course I’m using training and punishment if needed. But with my shape and force it’s way to easy to obtain submissivity by force.
I prefer to help the sub to fell into the mindset where he takes the decision by himself to give me the power.
I’m not taking submission, I’m receiving it.
And it’s totally different.

I personally think discipline should be used to help a sub to grows up and become stronger. Reenforce a sub mindset, helping to understand how the dom expect him to act and respond and at the end, the goal is to reach a satisfying relationship where the dom and the sub are happy, satisfied and work together for having a sane and common fun.


Sadism is the art of inflicting pain. A sadist will enjoy creating pleasure for his partner by using pain and torture. 

A sadist may enjoy the feeling of power and authority that comes from playing the dominant role, or receive pleasure through the suffering of the sub.

For me being a sadist doesn’t mean I have to inflict pain, it means I enjoy creating pleasure and getting a feed-back from a sub. So it’s more the intensity of his answer that I enjoy that the intensity of my stimulation.

There is different way to inflict pleasure by pain:

– impact

– electro

– needles

– wax

– and much more


Masochism means enjoying pain and torture and feeling enjoyment and pleasure out of it. 

There is a number of reasons for why a masochist will enjoy BDSM, and it varies rom person to person. Some will find a kind of escapism into being helpless and submissive when others will feel safe and protected under the watch of a dominant man.

An SM relationship is nowadays accepted as unrelated to psychological problems but it has not always been the case. It’s now totally clear that if the relationship is consensual and there is pleasure created for both players than this relationship is perfectly fine.
It’s only a problem if it’s getting people into difficulties or if the sub is not happy with it. So SM shouldn’t be confused with abuse. 

Various things a sub may enjoy:

– CBT (cock and ball torture)

– TITS Torture

– assplay or dilatation

-nose torture

– and a lot of fantasies