Why train with me?

With more than 25 years experience in BDSM and into the kink scene I am able to support you, guide you, help you to improve yourself and make you grow.

Choosing a handler or a master is not easy. It requires trust and confidence to enter a dungeon and let someone you have only just met take control. That’s why I use “I” and not “he” in all my text. I take responsibility of my acts and I’m proud of who I’m. Trust and confidence is something I’m earning and my acts are following my words to show subs, gimps, slaves or pups that they are in good hands. I don’t expect respect from first second. I work my butt off to earn it and deserve it.

I will show you my face, my experience and my sessions. I’ll answer all your questions with respect and professionalism. Because if I hide myself behind a mask and call myself “the Master” how can you decide if you want to trust me or not.

A first session will never be relax as we don’t know each other yet and haven’t explore each other fully, that’s why the taming process is important. For me knowing you but also for you to know me and know what to expect.

I am a good reader. I’ll be attentive and see how you handle things. The first session is always a matter of discovery and tests. What turns you on, what do you enjoy the most and what makes your brain react and your cock react and most important for me what makes your brain say no but your cock jump with enthusiasm.

Do I collar subs?
Of course, I collar subs. I enjoy creating a deep connexion and get into regular training. I am interested by subs, slaves, pups, ponies, drones and littles.

Taming a new slave is a journey. It takes some time but it’s a nice ride. I’m actually considering a few boys and the process will take some time till I’ll finally lock a collar around their neck.

Looking for a master?
If you are a willing sub, ready to commit and become a loyal and regular property, feel free to contact me using the contact form at the bottom of the page. Present yourself correctly and keep in mind you’re probably not the only one to do so. So, pay attention on how you’re doing it.
Education of other dominant?

It’s nice to be in charge isn’t it?

But are you ready?

Have you learned everything?

Before taking control of a session, you have to be sure you took every step to safeguard your slave and yourself.

Creating that bonding trust is not an improvisation, I will explain you how to be that reliable Dom that subs ans slaves enjoy to meet.

First session will only be with me alone or your sub, because before putting one of my slave in front of you I want to be sure you’re able to handle it correctly, and because you’ll have to create that bonding trust with me too.

Next sessions will be possible with one or more than one of my slaves.

How exciting is it to increase your experience and knowledge and think about all the perspective it creates for you and your slave.

Training for dominant are priced at £125 per hour with a special price for a complete afternoon at £400.

Professional sessions?

Kink is linked with sexuality, and I can’t like everyone and collar 200 boys, so don’t be sad if you’re not my type or I can’t take you on board because I have enough boys to keep me busy.

I’m offering a limited number of professional sessions and in 2023 I’ll start with BDSM parties. A professional BDSM session is tailored around you, your wishes, fantasy and needs. So, after you’ll tell me what turns you on and what your limits are I’ll create a session to fulfil your request and help you to grow as a sub.


– £150 per hour

– 3h for £400

– 5H for £600

– A day with Master Play for £800

– 2 days with Master Play with sleepover for £1500

– If you’re younger than 25yo you’ll get 50% discount

– milking session at £200 for 2h (simple)

Bondage or puppy camp?
I’m offering camps and holidays in bondage or as pups so if you’re interested just contact me and we’ll get you sorted.

During your stay you’ll be my prisonner, slave or pup.

I’ll lock you in gears and treat you as my slave, pup or prisonner.

We will previously discuss your fantasies and wishes and I’ll take responsibility of getting you satisfied.
No Key Holder?

If you want your slave to focus on you, you have to lock is cock away. Every dominant know that. But when you want to be in chastity and you have no key holder it’s really to easy to cheat and it’s removing all the fantasy and the excitement. Finding a trustable key holder is not always easy and if it’s a good friend I’m sure he will give you back the key if you beg him. And you know it.

So this service is a strict and clear contract between you and me. We will decide for how long you’ll be locked, in which case you’ll get free and as an option random check will be possible with a punishment if you failed to confirm that you still locked.

Once the contract is over or the key is needed for a reason that we have pre settled (medical examination or flight per example) the cage will be removed.

If you decide to add the option, I’ll send you random requests to check that the cages till in place and you’re not cheating. If you fail those tests, you’ll get additional time added to the contract as a punishment.

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