Leather & Latex

You will frequently see me in one of my favourite outfits made from leather, latex, zentai, neoprene or PVC. My closets are full of shiny, sexy, horny outfits and there may even be some in there that you will like too.

Skin & Enforcemment

The skin movement and the clothing are entirely separate things. Just think about the iconic polo, the tight bleachers and the 20 holes that will soon get your tongue at work to clean them to a mirror shine.

Biker / MX

Have you ever dreamt about a sexy leather biker walking straight over to you, forcing you to your knees and making you lick his crotch? Or a motocross boy with his big boots covered in mud, smiling like a badass as his big boot crushes your crotch while he remains totally anonymous under his helmet and goggles?

Hazmat & Drysuit

I own all sorts of hazmat suits including the real ones such as firefighters and industrial chemical suits. However, if you prefer a vintage Russian submarine escape suit or a Viking drysuit I will be able to make you very happy.