Educating is essential to me. When I was learning about BDSM and expanding my experience I was very grateful for guys taking the time to answer my questions and showing me the path.

It’s now my turn to pass my experience and knowledge to the younger one and I’m happy to show some documentaries, interviews or videos I’ve made, wishing it can help some people.

I’ll do my best to add content regularly here and also to bring nice guys for sharing experiences and point of views.
It’s important to say that of course I only relay on my experience and I don’t try to force any definition or to impose a way to do things. I’m just trying to expose my experience and my point of view. It’s one way to do it, not the only one of course…
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When the film 50 shades of Grey was released it created a great deal of interest in BDSM among the wider public.

I was living in Swizerland and my dungeon was developing a strong reputation. It’s why a Swiss TV channel asked my help to make a documentary based on real BDSM in comparison to the film fantasy.

I decided to work with them to try to make sure the documentary was as well informed as possible and I had the last word before it was released to ensure the portrayal was fair.

The journalist was really good and invested herself in to the filming. I was very pleased with the end result as it showed exactly what we are and how we do things.
It’s in my point of view a very good presentation of our world.
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In 2016 I organised the first Mister Puppy Switzerland election and a Swiss TV channel wanted to make a very small documentary about it.

It was a short clip designed to help the public understand what puppy play is and was recorded the day before the election.

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During Folsom Europe I had the opportunity share my experience in kink, fetish, and human puplay with Pup Boss Jyan Delamotte and Gpup Alpha of Sirius Pup Australia.

They have links all over the world and their website is full of interesting content on puppy play.

You can visit it here:

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Second part of the interview with Pup Boss Jyan Delamotte and Gpup Alpha of Sirius Pup Australia. You can visit it here: