Leather & Latex

eather and latex are my favourite materials but anything that is tight, shiny or encapsulating creates is exciting to me. Therefore, in addition to leather and latex, you’ll find neoprene suits, zentai suits, nylon sportswear, vinyl and PVC gear.


Leather / Latex / Zentai /
Neoprene / Vinyl

Leather is synonymous with power, authority and dominance. The feel of a leather glove over the mouth of a sub is extremely erotic. With a leather outfit, a military cap and tall boots a sub doesn’t need an order to be repeated. Not to mention the noise… there is nothing quite like the sound of leather! So hot! ​

Latex is extremely sexy and the feeling on my skin as if the garment is glued on is quite unique. Latex is my favourite material for removing humanity. Becoming a black figure totally anonymised under a hood – it’s shiny, it’s sexy and it lets me play with all parts of a sub’s body.
Neoprene is tight… really tight and it’s pleasantly warm making it the perfect material to go outside in when it’s cold. I also appreciate zentai suits; I own several including a Spiderman one and it’s fun to lose my identity and become something else entirely…
Vinyl is super shiny and a horny material for sportswear. The best tracksuits are shiny vinyl tracksuits.